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1 thought on “This Weekend at the Days & Nights Festival”

  1. That piece used in the Foday Musa Suso trailer is really beautiful; what’s it called and is it available on any albums etc.? I love ‘Music from ‘The Screens”, and Suso’s contributions to ‘Powaqqatsi’ and ‘Orion’; I think the sound he creates meshes beautifully with Glass’ own soundscape!
    Recently I was watching a documentary about the creation of Paul Simon’s controversial ‘Graceland’ album, (which was screening on a TV channel here in New Zealand), and was pleasantly surprised to see Glass pop up onscreen, talking about hearing some of the recordings early on, and realising that the album could have a revolutionary impact. But I shouldn’t have been so surprised; I knew that he had collaborated with Simon on ‘Liquid Days’, and if anyone could recognise the transforming potential of such a rich cultural exchange of musical ideas, it would surely be Glass!

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