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Tuesday on the NewsHour: Philip Glass

One of the most influential composers of the late 20th century got his start at his dad's record store in downtown Baltimore. Philip Glass,
the grandson of Jewish immigrants from Lithuania, was captivated by a
variety of music at an early age, and the musical world was soon
captivated by Glass as he studied at the Peabody Conservatory and
entered an accelerated college program at the University of Chicago at
age 15 before going on to Juilliard.

Glass sat down recently in New York City with Jeffrey Brown and
talked about his early musical influences and the impact they have on
him today, even as he's being celebrated around the world in his 75th

We'll post their conversation here later Tuesday evening. Here's an extended interview:


1 thought on “Tuesday on the NewsHour: Philip Glass”

  1. In his interview for the San Jose Mercury News (see above) Glass states that the recent performances of ‘Einstein on the Beach’ were filmed in order to have a set performance record of the piece; I noticed some nice shots from this used in this video for PBS NewsHour, does this mean that, one day, a DVD box set of the opera may become available? It’s the only way I’ll ever get to see it!
    (P.S. I wanted to post this comment in response to the piece about the San Jose Mercury News interview but the comment function didn’t seem to work. Just thought you should know.)

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