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ummm, ok…

Not sure what to make of this but here it is…some sort of "Idiot's Guide to Satyagraha" but I'm going to take all the attention and the confused reviews and take them all as compliments. I can't recall a revival that has been this written about. Either way, it's good for the opera.

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  1. Richard, I think you (and others) may find this interesting. Here’s an interview Danny Elfman did for Rotten Tomatoes in which his discuasses Philip’s influence on Alice and his other scores.

  2. awesome. I thought that the Wolfman score was OBVIOUSLY influenced by Kilar. I like the self-deprecation of this article. Funny that Elfman thinks the Alice theme is influence by PG…I dont get that as much…but hey, whatever. I thought Standard Operating Procedure was much more an homage to Glass (and Glass work for Morris) than Alice was.

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