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Upcoming Events – Lifeforce, Icarus, Live from SoHo

I will be on vacation June 4-13 so I wanted to make sure that I called attention to a few things in case I forget to mention them next week:


On June 5th Wendy Sutter and Tim Fain will be performing LIFEFORCE at City Winery in Manhattan.  This is music from the new OMM recording of the chamber music by composer and recent Guggenheim Fellowship winner Joel Harrison.  If you liked "Songs and Poems for Solo Cello" definitely give this one a listen.  The record was released this week on Amazon and iTunes.

LIve in SOHO
The iTunes release of "Philip Glass – Live from SoHo" will be released
by iTunes Classical on June 1. Mark your calendars.

It's not every day that a new big orchestral score by Philip Glass is born.  It'll cost you to hear the new multi-media piece Icarus on the Edge of Time at Lincoln Center on June 2 (because it's a gala hosted by the World's Science Festival in honor of Stephen Hawking), but the piece will be played a couple days later on June 6th at NYU's Skirball Center.  Both performances with the orchestra of St. Luke's.  This is a big piece, 35+ mins for full orchestra and narrator with film.

Then on June 8th, the Interfaith Center of New York honors Philip Glass.

And finally the summer of 2010 shall be remembered as the summer of the Glass Cello Concerto.  The piece is finally getting its due.  The concerto was composed in 2001 and premiered rights after the 9/11 attack in Shanghai. Glass was discouraged from travelling to hear it and didn't have a chance to hear it live until 2008 when Wendy Sutter did the US premiere in California (which was captured in an Emmy Award-winning tv program and interviews with Sutter and Glass). 

It was the first time that Glass heard his concerto and now it seems it's finally working its way into the repertoire with performances this summer in Brussels (the continental European premiere) with the Brussels Philharmonic (June), at the Cabrillo Festival conducted by Marin Alsop (August), then a multi-country South American tour with the Youth Orchestra of the Americas (July/August), and in the Netherlands in October.  It's nice to see this piece finally getting performances.

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Events – Lifeforce, Icarus, Live from SoHo”

  1. I have a ticket for Philip Glass and the PGE playing to Koyaanisqatsi in Stresa, Italy tonight (22May) but I cannot attend due to illness.
    If anyone would like to go, please contact me quickly at skellyemail[at]
    The seat is in the middle of the stalls and the ticket can be collected at the venue door

  2. sorry, don’t mean to be rude and hijack this blog.
    But this is last minute and i would hate to see my ticket wasted for such a rare and wonderful event.
    I hope PG will play Koyaanisqatsi live again after Bergen – I would hate to think i’ve missed my last chance… 🙁

  3. Stephen, I would recommend giving this ticked to one of your friends or somene you know (what a great way to introduce someone to the music), as it may take a while for someone from your area to respond.
    I appreciate the effort on your part and hope that you will feel better soon :).

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