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Visitors NY Premiere


Part of First Look 2014
Sunday, January 12, 2014, 2:00 p.m.

With director Godfrey Reggio, composer Philip Glass, and associate director and editor Jon Kane in person 

United States. Dir. Godfrey Reggio. 2013, 87 mins. New York premiere. DCP courtesy of Cinedigm. Music by Phillip Glass. Associate director and editor, Jon Kane. Godfrey Reggio’s new film—his first in more than a decade—is in some ways the stylistic opposite of his dazzling and powerful 1982 film Koyaanisqatsi, which had globetrotting color photography and thousands of edits. Visitors, in crisply beautiful black-and-white, consisting of just 74 shots, is a stunning and trancelike experience that looks deeply at—and beyond—the human experience, taking viewers on a journey to the moon and back, while examining the human species—and an unforgettable gorilla from the Bronx Zoo. Ultimately, Visitors is a movie whose subject is the audience itself, and the very act of seeing—and, of course, listening, with its gorgeous score by Phillip Glass. Visitors opens in theaters on January 24. The film premiered at Toronto International Film Festival.   

Tickets: $20 / $12 Museum members / free for Silver Screen members and above. Order online or call 718 777 6800 to reserve tickets. A First Look series pass, allowing the holder admission to the Museum and all First Look screenings for the run of the series, is available for $40 / $24 Museum members / free for Silver Screen members and above.

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