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We Are at War, Glass on Colbert

When was the last time a Symphony was plugged on National TV?

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Philip Glass triumphed in what is sure to be a staple of the future repertoire last night on the Colbert Report.  Who would have thought we'd see Colbert holding a copy of the Toltec Symphony?

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A couple behind the scenes photos are forthcoming. In the meantime, a bit of trivia: Stephen Colbert met his wife at a Philip Glass concert in South Carolina. Nothing spells romance like Hydrogen Jukebox.

Sequenza 21 covered the event.

In the meantime, across town, the NY Times covered the OMM showcase and plugged the upcoming Apple Store appearance.

6 thoughts on “We Are at War, Glass on Colbert”

  1. PG is so down to earth! He does not take himself too seriously and this great little bit gives him some exposure to a younger audience. Phil is just Phil. And he pops up in the most unusual places sometimes…

  2. Amazing!
    Of course, chances are at least some people will miss the joke but it was worth it anyway.
    And I’m sure I’m not alone when I say this but: UP YOURS, JOHN ADAMS!

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