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We need a Hero….(free event)


Pianist Bruce Brubaker is that hero tonight when he steps in to perform an all-Glass program in replacement for pianist Michael Riesman who was forced to withdraw from his concert at Le Piossion Rouge.  Bruce is a long-time Glass champion having released two CDs of containing Glass music.  You can hear some of his music at his myspace page.  He's an excellent pianist and we hope that despite the confusion a crowd will show. Joining Brubaker is "Face the Music" who will be performing Glass' Two Pages. One of my favorite early scores.

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  1. The two kids who played Two Pages were really something. Brubaker was good too, if not a little affected. For those not in attendance, he played Mad Rush, Metamorphosis 2, Opening, Wichita Vortex Sutra, and Etude No. 5.

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