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Welcome Barbarians

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Waiting for the Barbarians
, my favorite Glass piece in years is released today June 3rd.  Glass composed the allegorical opera in 2005, the same year as the magnificent Symphony No.8 'Twas a good year.  Barbarians is up on Amazon, iTunes and is available now just in advance of the last performance of this production in London on June 12.  Anyone have a free ticket to London for me?

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  1. What a gift! To have a recording of this wonderful opera. A million thanks to OMM.
    I was fortunate enough to see it in Austin. The first performance of Glass music I ever saw. The story is powerful and the music outstanding.
    I really hope that the public will begin to recognize the breadth of Glass’s music and the importance of his contribution to the classical field, and especially to opera. Glass has consistently tried to show the world what opera can really be if we let it, and in this opera he succeeds on many, many levels.
    Marv the glassoperaphile

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