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WITF – Video of Glass Violin Sonata

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The WITF Performance Studio was privileged to host violinist Maria
Bachmann and pianist Jon Klibonoff on the afternoon of February 27th.
For its on-air audience they performed the second movement of a new
work by Philip Glass, a Sonata for Violin and Piano. The
following night at a Market Square Concert at Whitaker Center the
musicians performed the world premiere of the work, and received a
standing ovation from the packed house.

3 thoughts on “WITF – Video of Glass Violin Sonata”

  1. wow. that was delightful. Listened 3 times. Very mature, very Romantic. A Glass tribute to the masters of the past. Was the premiere recorded? I hope OMM or anyone else releases this ASAP. Can’t wait. thanks for posting.

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