Glass Masters
Music by Philip Glass


Sony Masterworks SM3K 62906


1. “The Window of Appearances” (from Akhnaten, Act I) 9:03
2. “The Dam” (from Itaipu) 11:47
3. “The Wow” (from Satyagraha, Act I) 11:36
4. “Open the Kingdom” (Liquid Days, Part III) (from Songs from Liquid Days) 7:00
5. “Attack and Fall” (from Akhnaten, Act III) 7:43
6. “Confrontation and Rescue” (from Satyagraha, Act II) 14:44
7. “Funeral of Amenhotep III” (from Akhnaten, Act I) 9:00
1. “Floe” (from Glassworks) 5:46
2. Dance No. 5 (from Dance) 20:15
3. “Spaceship” (from Einstein on the Beach, Act IV) 13:22
4. The Photographer, Act III (from The Photographer) 19:17
5. “Building / Train” (from Einstein on the Beach, Act IV) 7:17
1. Knee Play 3 (from Einstein on the Beach) 5:37
2. “Fa�ades” (from Glassworks) 7:21
3. Epilogue (from Akhnaten, Act III) 10:38
4. “Changing Opinion” (from Songs from Liquid Days) 9:57
5. “Akhnaten’s Hymn to the Aten” (from Akhnaten, Act II) 13:35
6. “Evening Song” (from Satyagraha, Act III) 8:23
7. Knee Play 5 (from Einstein on the Beach) 5:30
8. “Mad Rush” (from Solo Piano) 13:44


This compilation consists of previously released material.


The three CDs in this collection represent highlights of more than ten years of recording with CBS and Sony Classical.

The present collection contains a number of large-scale choral works, mainly operatic in origin, that combine orchestral forces with vocal ensembles in dramatic settings. In addition to major selections from the operas Satyagraha and Akhnaten, the first disc presents the third movement of Itaipu, a large composition in oratorio style, my final work to be released on Sony Classical.

The second CD includes music for synthesizers, saxophone and voice as performed by the Philip Glass Ensemble, a group of musicians with whom I have been working since the late 60s. Its long-time members include Jon Gibson, Richard Peck and Michael Riesman. They perform here some of the ensemble’s best-known and still-active repertory.

The final CD contains music that in many ways prefigures recent developments in my music, which now often features solo lines, frequently lyrical in nature. The disc concludes with my performance of Mad Rush for solo piano, a medium that has become increasingly interesting to me.

All of the music in this collection was recorded under the supervision of music producer Kurt Munkacsi and music director Michael Riesman, both of whom I have worked with since the early 70s. It therefore demonstrates for me the highest standard we have been able to reach in the world of sound recording.

— Philip Glass


Original music composed by Philip Glass.
Consists of previously released material. For this recording 20-bit technology has been used to maximize sound quality. Compilation by Don Christensen. Edited at The Looking Glass Studios, New York City. Music produced by Euphorbia Productions, Ltd.

Art Direction & Package Design: Roxanne Slimak. Cover Photo: David Gahr.

All music published by Dunvagen Music Publishers, Inc. © 1979, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1993 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Compilation © 1997 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.



Dance Nos. 1-5
Einstein on the Beach
Mad Rush
Metamorphosis I – V
Songs from Liquid Days
The Photographer

Akhnaten on Sony Masterworks
Dance Nos. 1-5 on Sony Masterworks
Einstein on the Beach on Nonesuch
Glassworks on Sony Masterworks
Itaipu / The Canyon on Sony Masterworks
Songs from Liquid Days on Sony Masterworks
The Photographer on Sony Masterworks
Satyagraha on Sony Masterworks
Solo Piano on Sony Masterworks

Satyagraha by Staatsoper Stuttgart (Dennis Russell Davies, Conductor)

Satyagraha by Constance DeJong and Philip Glass
Music by Philip Glass by Philip Glass