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50 Years of Minimalism in Music (BBC Radio 3)

A wonderful and comprehensive survey of the biggest thing to happen in music in the last 50 years…from BBC Radio 3 (link)

American conductor Richard Bernas talks to Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Terry Riley, Bob Wilson, Louis Andriessen, Michael Nyman, Meredith Monk, David Lang, Nico Muhly, John Rockwell, Paula Cooper, among others, as he undertakes a critical survey of five decades of Minimalism in music. He traces its origins in both the San Francisco and New York underground cultures of the early 1960s, exploring the relationship between music and the visual arts, but also theatre and dance. He also assesses how Minimalism, arguably the newest style proper to emerge in Classical music, evolved into a mature and powerful force during the 1970s and 80s, eventually becoming part of the cultural mainstream of today's America. Crossing the Atlantic, he examines its influence in the wider field of European composers, such as Michael Nyman and Louis Andriessen – who've created their own brands of Minimalism.

Presenter: Richard Bernas Producer: Juan Carlos Jaramillo.

11 thoughts on “50 Years of Minimalism in Music (BBC Radio 3)”

  1. This was great!
    But question, does anyone know the music for the cue that starts at 2:05? (The spoken words for the cue are: “The historian Robert Fink…”)
    It sounded good, but I don’t recognize it. If anyone could comment and let me know, that’d be great!

  2. Ian, could you drop me an e-mail (techceo at . I’ll be glad to point you at the right direction.
    I hope Richard won’t object since this is just radio program with a bunch of interviews.

  3. Fewer notes doesn’t not equal simplicity. It’s much harder to concentrate on picking just that which works great. Simple music is not lasting music either.
    In any case, Glass has written a huge number of works that are complex by pretty much anyone’s standards.

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