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Book of Longing


We are one month away from the premiere of Book of Longing in Toronto:

From the Luminato Festival page:
The long-awaited new concert work by Philip Glass, is based on legendary poet and
singer Leonard Cohen’s recently published
poetry collection – his first
in over 20 years. The culmination of years of admiration between two of
the most celebrated musical artists of their generation, Glass sets
Cohen’s recorded words – at once playful, erotic, meditative, and
singularly provocative – to a new score performed by an ensemble of
singers and musicians, drawn from indie rock, classical and new music
circles. Glass himself plays keyboards.

This would be the second time that Glass set Cohen’s words to music.  The other occasion was Silva Screen’s "Three Songs" for chorus a cappella for which Cohen provided the lyric for one song.

For more about Book of Longing and the tour, go to Pomegranate Arts Book of Longing Page.

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