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Muppets/ Sesame Street 1977

Much thanks goes out to Scott H. who brought attention to these amazing clips of Glass Sesame Street pieces on youtube.

According to Muppet Wiki:

"In 1977, Glass wrote a series of short vocal and instrumental pieces for Sesame Street. These include a series of animated films which employ geometric curves traced to various points on a circle to reveal other geometric shapes and colors. These works very closely resemble the "Dance" numbers written during the same time period as his Einstein on the Beach opera."

Links to the three videos:
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

4 thoughts on “Muppets/ Sesame Street 1977”

  1. I CAN’T believe you found these pieces – I’ve been looking for them for years. These were the very first pieces by Philip Glass that I had ever heard. People never believed me when I would tell them that he had done these short videos on Sesame Street. These pieces have been in my heart and mind since I was very young and have made me a life long admirer of Mr. Glass’ music. In looking for the music for these videos, I indeed, bought “Dance”.
    Thanks again Scott you really made my day!

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