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C. to C.: Close to Chuck

A note about ballet performances that include the music of Philip Glass: Unlike performances of operas or concert music (symphonies, quartets, etc), ballets are dealt with in a different way.  The music publisher gives a ballet company the right to perform, say 10 performances over 3 years.  The publisher often doesn't know where or when those performances will take place.  So it's always a pleasant surprise to me to discover dance performances with Philip Glass' music which are the most frequent appearance of his music in the public.  It's also usually a surprise to find out which music is being used (sometimes it's performed live, sometimes danced to recordings).


Just this week there are performances in Austin Texas and in Boston, MA.  The Boston performances (my hometown where Glass' music hasn't been heard in concert since perhaps 2006) are of the Jorma Elo choreographed dances with piano music by Glass performed by Bruce Levingston in a ballet called "C. to C.: Close to Chuck"  which was originally produced at American Ballet Theatre in New York and elsewhere.  I've never had the chance to take in C. to C. but I'll take the chance this time.  It features Glass' "A Musical Portrait of Chuck Close" and other piano etudes.

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