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“A Composer’s Notes: Philip Glass and the Making of an Opera” on OMM April 1st

Michael Blackwood's 95 minute feature documentary from 1985 about Philip Glass as he was composing Akhnaten will be released by Orange Mountain Music on April 1st on DVD.


7 thoughts on ““A Composer’s Notes: Philip Glass and the Making of an Opera” on OMM April 1st”

  1. (For some reason the video wouldn’t play on this page, but by clicking on the title link at the top of the video window took me to the YouTube page where it played okay.)
    Shocked to see Philip Glass smoking! I recognised the guy doing the sequencing (with the glasses) from the documentary ‘Looking Glass’; guessing they’ve been working together for quite some time.
    I hope the DVD will be Zone 0 so that people in other countries, like me, can play it too!

  2. There are several photos where you can see him smoking: in the cd cover of Music with Changing Parts, in a photo in a book by Cole Cagne and Tracy Caras (Interviews with American Composers), in a photo at the Julliard with Albert Fine.
    Unfortunately in Amazon the dvd is only sold for region 1

  3. Been wondering when this documentary will be released, and at last it finally is!
    Four American Composers: Philip Glass is another documentary that should be released on DVD too!
    Maybe with the entire live recording from Sadlers Wells Theatre, 1982.
    Thank you for releasing good stuff Orange Mountain Music!

  4. You’re not missing anything at all, S. Saintonge.
    They’ve just got the covers mixed up.
    I hope there will be an Amazon US release date for the new ‘Low’ Symphony recording soon!

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