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Carnegie Toltec Action

About a year and a half ago, locally here in New York we were surprised to learn that Wordless Music Orchestra had done their research and completed a coup.  Apparently, the fourth Glass symphony Heroes had never been played in New York City.  So the WMO under the direction of Brad Lubman seized the opportunity and did it.

Another such opportunity is being taken this season by the Collegiate Chorale and the American Symphony Orchestra.  As part of their 2012-13 season the groups will give the New York premiere of Symphony No.7 "Toltec"(2004)  at Carnegie Hall in February. 

I'm always happy when a big Glass work is presented at America's most famous concert hall.  In 1978 Glass famously took a gamble and rented out the big hall by himself for a performance of the Philip Glass Ensemble.  Carnegie Hall has hosted the world premiere of the composer's first concert work for orchestra (Violin Concerto No.1) when the composer was 50 years old.  I attended the world premiere of his Sixth Symphony "Plutonian Ode" back in 2002. 

Of course then there was the recent US Premiere of Symphony No.9(2010-11), and only two years ago Robert McDuffie performing the second Glass violin concerto (2009).

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