glass notes
December 2014

As performances of Glass' music slow down in December, as they always do to make way for the Nutcrackers and Messiahs, I was remiss in not bringing more attention to the English National Opera remounting of the brilliant Crouch/McDermott Production of Satyagraha Glass' own message of peace and love.  This is the third time the past 5 years the ENO has put it up.  This is in addtion to the Met Opera doing the same production twice.  Here is what the Londoners are saying:

The Telegraph: "

"A visually stunning production of an opera about Gandhi is a revelation"

Also from The Telegraph:

The best operas in London and the UK to see in December


"Revival of Philip Glass’s Satyagraha is repetitious but sprinkled with gold dust"


"Philip Glass's extraordinary opera about Gandhi's years in South Africa is a mesmerising and visually fascinating, if almost incomprehensible, work"

The Week:

"Breathtaking staging and mesmerising music make Glass's Gandhi opera unforgettable"

The Guardian:

"With humanity permanently locked in conflict, it seems Philip Glass's meditation on nonviolence will bear endless repetition"

The Londonist:

"for those inclined, or simply willing, to involve themselves in such an extraordinary adventure, the rewards should be very high."

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