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from the English National Opera Website:"It was with deep regret that we learned of the death of Nelson Mandela – a man whose courage, determination and humility inspired not just a nation but millions of people across the world. To mark our respect, English National Opera will hold a minute's silence before tonight's performance of Satyagraha."

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  1. Of course, Mandela was still imprisoned when ‘Satyagraha’ was composed, and the spirit of King oversees the final act, but it’s perhaps fateful that we might also envision Mandela, at the end, as Ghandi rises toward him singing:
    “For whenever the law of righteousness withers away and lawlessness arises, then do I generate myself on earth.
    I come into being age after age and take a visible shape and move a man with men for the protection of good,
    thrusting the evil back and setting virtue on her seat again.”

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