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New Production of Einstein on the Beach – Theater Basel, Wiener Festwochen, Berliner Festspiele


Theater Basel and Berliner Festspiele produce Glass and Wilson’s landmark opera, direction by Susanne Kennedy and Markus Selg

In their first opera production, Susanne Kennedy and Markus Selg create a futuristic total work of art about space and time. Utilizing their unmistakable style of theatre, they smash the boundaries between humans and machines, reality and simulation. Inspired by the unconventional genius Albert Einstein, Philip Glass and Robert Wilson created a 20th century masterpiece that breaks all the rules of opera and fails to follow a linear narrative structure. Repetitive patterns make it possible to experience time as a sensual phenomenon and put the audience in a trance. This is the first time that the two special ensembles of Basler Madrigalisten and Ensemble Phoenix can be experienced together in an opera production at Theater Basel and Berliner Festspiele.

Tickets and Schedule

Basel, Switzerland June 3-23rd

Vienna, Austria June 10-11th

Berlin, Germany June 30-July 3rd

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