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2 thoughts on “Glass’ Debut Concert 1968”

  1. I am so thrilled about this release!
    I thought I would mention that this photo of Dorothy Pixley playing STRUNG OUT is likely from Glass’s concert at Queen’s College on April 13, 1968 (an event he shared with Reich) and NOT from the Cinematheque performance on May 19. Note that the score is mounted to the wall (smooth, with arches) in a straight line, while all of Peter Moore’s photos of the Cinematheque concert show the score in an “L” shape against a brick background. Glass’ performance records show that STRUNG OUT was also performed at the New School on May 9 that same year, but the program shows that Malcolm Goldstein performed it then (though perhaps that changed… I’d love to know that, if so).
    I can’t wait to get my copy of the CD!
    — David Chapman, Jr.

  2. I’ve already listened to
    Glass’ Debut Concert: New York 1968.
    How Now for electric organ reminds me of ‘Building’ from Einstein On The Beach.
    Having listened to Alter Ego’s version of Strung Out, the first performance evidenced on the new release also sounds good.

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