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les animaux amoureux….

Animals_alex_loewThis week in New York City, Philip Glass’ score to Les Animaux Amoureux (Animals in Love) is being recorded, conducted by Michael Riesman.  Animals in Love, is due out in December.  Glass wrote scores for two other upcoming films: Woody Allen’s Cassandra’s Dream, with Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell, and Scott Hick’s No Reservations, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart.

3 thoughts on “les animaux amoureux….”

  1. On the trailer for Les animaux amoureux (click my name to see it), the piano notes sound like drops of water, it’s really pretty and actually I wouldn’t have thought of Mr Glass if his name hadn’t been indicated on the site.
    I’m eager to listen to the other scores too.

  2. Sounds interesting… It looks like Philip Glass is searching for the lighter genres in cinema. Judging from the music in the trailer (thanks for the link Denys), Les Animaux Amoureux isn’t going to be like Reggio’s Anima Mundi. And then… Philip Glass on a romantic comedy. Who would’ve thought… And it’s great to see Glass teaming up with Woody Allen. Maybe Glass will discover his jazzy side now (hints of it can be heard in numerous other works ofcourse). I can’t wait to pick up the soundtracks!

  3. Hello to all in the PG community. Recently saw Philip at the opening of the Lichfield Festival in Staffordshire, England. Philip played solo piano and offered selections from Etudes and Einstein on the Beach. The venue and Philip’s playing were superb. I am always inspired by Philip’s humble and considered approach to his audience which has not changed over many years. I will remember this unique concert forever.

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