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London, England, United Kingdom

Cc21_logo_blue After a wonderful new production of Satyagraha at the English National Opera, the UK continues to support the music of Philip Glass with a flurry of concerts:
For those of you lucky enough to be in or near London on June 30th, the Choir of the 21st Century gives London locals a chance to hear a rare performance of the Glass’ classic  "Another Look at Harmony" with new music champion Christopher Bowers-Broadbent playing organ.
I have word that rehearsals have been fantastic and I’m given liberty to advertise that Students get free admission with a valid Student ID.
Furthering my jealously, the same week the London Philharmonic will be performing Glass’ Prelude from Akhnaten under the baton of Glass champion Maestra Marin Alsop on the 26th and 27th.
Glass, who is currently touring his new piece, Book of Longing, will make his way to Amsterdam this weekend for a performance of Music in 12 Parts with the Philip Glass Ensemble.  The composer will play a solo piano show in Staffordshire, UK July 6, and  Glass and Co. will make their way to London (Barbican) in October for Book of Longing, 12 Parts, and a solo piano show with Philip Glass and Patti Smith.
In the meantime, on July 15th, the  Smith Quartet will being performing the  Complete Philip Glass String Quartets at the Almeida Theatre in London.
As always, take a look at the Philip Glass Calendar for the nearest events near you.

4 thoughts on “London, England, United Kingdom”

  1. Intrigued by CC21’s performance of Another Look at Harmony Part IV on 30 June in London. Interesting juxtaposition of Lassus and Glass – two very different oral views of harmony! Should be a great evening.

  2. Plus free admittance! Well this is great for British youth. As I often say, culture is not so expensive. What a good transition to now deal with Marin Aslop’s recordings of Glass’ music which are available in the Naxos collection. That is to say they are not expensive, contrary to other discs from the composer I can’t afford yet.
    I’m jealous too because 30th of June is my birthday. And if I’m not mistaken, Mr Glass will be the first of July in France, yet too far away from where I live. (Further north please…) Too cruel.
    Furthermore, I’m going to study in Okinawa, Japan on September for ten months… And I’m wondering if Mr Glass has already gone to Japan for concerts since I have no memory of seeing something like that in the calendar. Is he popular in this country?
    Another question, I read in an encyclopedia that the first quartet written before 1965 hadn’t been recorded by the Kronos Quartet. Is is true?
    Thus, will the Smith Quartet play all the quartets? It’s quite foggy in my head.
    I’m sorry for the digression!

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