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National Anthem – PGE (arr.Riesman)


For those who weren't able to attend the Hollywood Bowl concert, it's a ritual there that every concert start with the Star Spangled Banner.  Philip Glass Ensemble Music Director Michael Riesman made a special arrangement of our national anthem for the occasion which ended up being a bit controversial.  Here is a National Anthem – Riesman of the Riesman arrangement which I quite like.

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  1. The Star-Spangled Banner (1814). FS Key /as played at the la phil concert/

    Glass Notes hints at a controversy about the National Anthem at the recent Hollywood Bowl Philip Glass/LA Philharmonic concert. I, of course, like the arrangement. But then, I blog about classic American music, I’m a real patriot since I grew…

  2. I was there… was caught by surprise..
    Not that I doubt it… though Glass aficionados probably appreciated it!.
    Controversy… have you heard the KRONOS quartet’s version???
    AN extremely beautiful version that REEKS of irony…

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