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OMM – A Philip Glass Ensemble Retrospective


From OMM:

On April 13th, Orange
Mountain Music presents the "Philip Glass Ensemble – A

a 2CD set of repertoire from the PGE's 40-year  career.  Previously
released as an iTunes only download, this live-recording from a concert in
Monterey Mexico in 2006 features music from "Music  in 12
Parts," "In the Upper Room," "Koyaanisqatsi,"
"Einstein on the  Beach," "The Photographer,"
"Glassworks," "Powaqqatsi,
" and much  more with a total time of over 100
minutes of music

Philip Glass Ensemble was formed in the late 1960s as a vehicle for Philip
Glass’ new music.  The image of the
group, an ensemble of keyboards and winds, became the  iconic visual image for Philip Glass as a performer.  The ensemble has consistently toured
the world including complete performances of the seminal Music in 12
, and as the
‘orchestra’ for the most groundbreaking opera of the 20th Century,
Einstein on the Beach

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  1. I hope the iTunes in Canada will have this. They took almost one year to release the previous Monterey recording. Mentioning that it is a 2 CD set, I take it that OMM will release it as a wonderful, old fashioned, hold in your hands physical recording. Hopefully some fun pictures inside the booklet!

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